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Assessment tools are like an owner's manual. They give you insights to help you be more productive and effective!

  • Learn recognize & value different styles, and improve team communications 

  • Use assessments for self-awareness, team building, screening & hiring, and professional development.

  • Assessments are taken online -- and you get your results immediately.

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Valuable tools: worth their weight in gold.


Different tools identify cognitive, behavioral, and motivational styles.


Cognitive Style Indicator (CSI)

Much less expensive than a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the CSI is an MBTI cousin. It uses the same four scales, but with more practicality.

The CSI reveals your preferences in:

  • How you get mentally re-energized 

  • How you perceive information

  • How you process (assess) information

  • How you make decisions

The CSI is a cognitive assessment. It identifies preferences in what you notice and how you choose to deal with that information.  Benefits abound when you know your preferences!

No need to spend more! Get your CSI profile to learn your preferences in how you perceive, process, and make decisions.  

Normally 14.99


DISC Behavioral Styles

These assessments are easy to put to use immediately because behaviors are observable!

A DISC Assessment reveals your preferences in:

  • How you respond to problems & challenges

  • How you prefer to influence other people to your way of thinking

  • Your preferred pace for the day

  • How you respond to rules and procedures 

You can choose from multiple versions of the DISC Assessment.  Costs vary depending on the style you choose because each style provides different amounts of information. 


NOTE: We are a long-standing affiliate of Target Training International (TTI), a world leader in DISC development. In keeping with TTI’s affiliate agreement, we do not publish our prices.  Please call or contact us for pricing. 

DISC reports explain the behavioral style of any individual, They also provide useful details about how people perform on the job. 
costs vary depending on the type of report

Different DISC Assessments are available
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Learned Motivators
(Driving Forces Assessment)

Life events affect people differently. Based on imprints from life events, this assessment identifies your 'why' ... what drives you.

The Driving Forces assessment identifies the intensity of six different learned motivations:

  • Your quest for knowledge - how you prefer to acquire and use knowledge

  • The degree of your drive for managing, acquiring, and/or using things (including finances)

  • The degree to which you are driven to create or prefer certain types of surroundings

  • The ways you are driven to respond to the community of others around you

  • The degree to which you strive for --or avoid-- positions of power and authority

  • The degree and drive you may have toward a particular system for living


NOTE: Driving Forces is a TTI assessment. We are a long-standing affiliate of Target Training International (TTI). In keeping with TTI’s affiliate agreement, we do not publish our prices.  Please call or contact us for pricing. 


The Driving Forces assessment reveals what motivates an individual. Whether it's used for personal or team development, this report provides much powerful informationPricing varies


Natural Motivators Assessment

People are born with innate intellect in at least one of nine different arenas. This assessment identifies your "natural" motivations. 

The Natural Motivators assessment identifies the intensity of nine different natural motivations:

  • Verbal - Linguistic 

  • Logical - Mathematical 

  • Interpersonal (innate drive to understand others)

  • Intrapersonal (innate drive to understand self) 

  • Musical 

  • Visual - Spatial 

  • Naturalistic

  • Bodily - Kinesthetic

  • Spiritual - Existential

This assessment is derived from the concept of Multiple Intelligences. If people have a natural intellect in an area, they are naturally drawn to be involved in that area. 


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