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The Premier Course for Equipping Teams with Emotional Intelligence

Why take this course? 

You want to be a top performer!  In studies to determine the differences between average performers and top performers, it was discovered that two-thirds of the difference is Emotional Intelligence! In the Workplace Excellence course, we go beyond what you read in popular blogs and books, and train you to apply the hands-on actions, methods, and strategies that produce high emotional intelligence & consistent top performance.

You want to be more productive and effective!  Organizations and teams taking this course find themselves communicating MUCH better, and equipped with powerful work management tools. 

You want to be more profitable!  Combine more productivity with more effectiveness on the job, and it's a recipe for better profitability.  Companies realize a HUGE return on investment from putting their people through this course. 

What's in the course? 

Through engaging and interactive lessons, participants start by exploring their strengths, blind spots, and work style DNA through a full series of assessment tools. This builds the necessary foundation for strong emotional intelligence. 


People also learn how to apply material from Daniel Bobinski's best-selling Creating Passion-Driven Teams and Stephen Covey's Seven Habits.  We use proven methods for practical application of that material, all while building strong emotional intelligence. You can also choose to include: 

  • Goal setting  / Project management

  • Root cause analysis / Problem solving

  • Managing change / Getting maximum buy-in

  • How to train other people 

  • Listening skills / Conflict resolution

       ... and much more

Does improved productivity, effectiveness, and profitability sound like something you want? This course gives you these things, no matter your industry. And we guarantee results!   Schedule a free consult now

How is the course delivered? 

Over the past several decades, we have delivered this course many different ways, always adapting to meet the needs of our clients.  Here are some of the ways we've taught this course (e-learning is now included in every option):

  • One day of “seat time” every month for six months.  (MOST POPULAR)

  • One day of “seat time” every three weeks for four months (six seat classes total). 

  • One day of “seat time” every other week for three months (six seat classes total). 

  • Two days (back-to-back) each month for six months. 

  • A half-day once a month for an entire year.

You'll notice every option is spread over at least three months. Why? Because doing so provides optimal retention and application of the material. Neuroscience research calls this, “attention density” – spreading learning out over time. You get  the best results this way.  

However the course is formatted, you're getting powerful, life-changing material that makes a huge, positive impact on your workplace!  You can learn more by setting up a free phone consult, or just call us now:  (208) 375-7606

What will this course do for you? 

Maybe your results will be like that of McCain Foods, USA, Inc.  Dave Wilson, a continuous process improvement manager with McCain, told us: 

“We are a manufacturing company, and we know exactly how profitable we're going to be based on how much we produce.  And, when we make a capital improvement, we know exactly when that investment will pay off, and how much more profit we’ll make. Well, this year we are millions of dollars ahead of where we’re supposed to be, and the only thing we’re doing differently is this course.”

Or maybe you'll be like the CFO of a $112,000,000 company, who told us: "I'm in my 60's and I'm learning so much. I wish I had this course 40 years ago." 

Or maybe your results will be like a manufacturing plant in the Midwest.  They were getting over 200 grievances a year filed against their supervisors. After only four half-day training sessions, grievances had dropped by 68%. 

These are people just like you. It doesn't matter what industry you're in or the current culture of your company. Our method of instruction brings you guaranteed results. 

Don't wait -- a conversation to learn more is free.  Call (208) 375-7606, or schedule a meeting now at a specific time, or click the "Contact Us" button below and send us an email. 

Taking this course will equip you to dramatically improve your workplace performance. It has been so effective for our clients for 30 years, we now guarantee results

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